The Old Man and the Ree


zygotes aren’t people

and ur less than a zygote


Because I’m boring I looked this up and it’s abortions by a significant margin.

The Guardian estimated the police kill 1,000 people a year in the US, whereas 600K abortions are performed in the US every year.


wtf did u say 2 me kid



I just can’t


I find it interesting that the left in the US sounds like the wumao bought and paid chinese shills that support the CCP taking away chinese rights.

Really makes you :thinking:


This might be a nuclear take, but maybe it’s a good thing the US has 600K fewer people added to the population per year.


Seems an uncontroversial take to me.


brave new world is the best possible future

tie my tubes, trump


May the Ford be with you


Mfw Trump wants to take the guns away



“Take the guns now, due process later”

everyone said “Obama gunna take 'ur gunns” but it was really Trump all along

This is the best timeline


kill all men with all the guns


kill everyone now
condone first degree murder
advocate cannibalism
eat shit


“Two words: Running Man.”

-Trump 2018




Gamers: You’re fired


i can’t tell if people actually realize that boogie tweet is a joke


i’m going to assume they don’t because it’s in vogue right now to take everything said on the internet at face value for the purpose of looking cool to your twitter friends