The Old Man and the Ree


lmao nevermind. it’s me. i’m the dipshit.





Itt bdd self-owns hard


I have printed this out for future use


Poe’s Law doesn’t apply to video game talking head types. They are always serious.


In what experts have called “not fucking shocking” the head of Trump’s EPA apparently doesn’t believe in evolution


we must fight back against the judicial monarchy


My thinking was that a guy who has played a “rage” nerd for close to ten years would have a little self awareness and that it was a joke poking fun at how of all the awful things trump has done video games being on the chopping block would be the worst. But no he’s actually seriously asspained.


He’s always been just a little bit too good at playing that character though.


Yeah I’m now convinced that his character was just a vehicle for his dipshit opinions.


You either die a hero or live long enough to become the dipshit


In response to the Florida shooting the Canadian Government has decided that we need a new firearms bill.

Not sure if the liberal party realizes that Florida isn’t a province of Canada.


lol canada


Fuck tariffs.

I really hope there is a contested Republican primary in 2020.



You mean the one that was a 2015 election promise?

Florida has a lot of shootings, so I don’t want to judge whether one of them instigated it.


“In the wake of the Florida student shootings that have galvanized anti-gun Americans and Canadians, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale promised Thursday he will table legislation “within weeks” to complete Liberal gun-control election commitments. Goodale said he was impressed by U.S. public reaction to the Parkland, Florida”



No action on the promise for over 2 years and then he credits the shooting in Florida as his “call to action”

Really makes you think about the intelligence of LPC supporters


January 25th bud