The Old Man and the Ree


me talking about coffee today because it is Friday doesn’t mean Friday invented coffee


Can’t wait for us to ban shoulder shrouds and flash hiders and also make ATT’s non-electronic again.

God knows we were safer when we had to carry the paper around


maybe it does though


Lets not forget Goodale also commented that we cannot expect people that are crafting firearms legislation to be educated on firearms.


Can’t wait to have my freedom limited so city dwellers in urban Canada can feel like they are fighting back the evil Republicans of the USA



except your freedoms


Alberta seperation when?


When oil is actually worth something


we’re doing a fascism baby


obese games man continues to be triggered


boogie1488 lmao



I never understood his appeal.


fat man embarrasses himself yelling about things


Sorry, I meant Hitler.



koffee kiss kup

real fuckin subtle here


That isn’t even the worst thing I’ve seen today


Why stop there?

Maybe lick the cup a little and slide your finger around the rim.

Show that cup a good time.


Just lol if you aren’t murdering nazis. Just lol.

What are you even smearing on your face if not some nazis shit lifeblood?