The Old Man and the Ree



Wow you don’t think the gov should give UBI of $20k a year? YOu ArE a nAZI!



Between March and July 2016, [a USPS] employee made at least 116 partisan political Facebook postings while on duty. Nearly all of the employee’s actions were in the form of a “share” posting from pro-Bernie Sanders, anti-Hillary Clinton, or anti-Donald Trump Facebook accounts. The employee’s Facebook postings requested that followers vote for Bernie Sanders; disseminated the political platform and campaign promises of Bernie Sanders; requested that followers contact their super delegates and bring pressure to bear in favor of Bernie Sanders; and generally disparaged the candidates opposing Bernie Sanders.

The employee also wore in and out of work for at least a week a USPS-logoed cardigan sweater with a Bernie Sanders campaign sticker on it. While at work, the employee draped the cardigan with the sticker on the back of a work chair, where it was visible to others.

50-day suspension


That is some strong Tweet game there.


yeah it should be $100k


If we gave everyone 500k a year nobody would be poor


just take the money from the billionaires


Eat the rich

Two birds one stone fellas


Why shouldn’t society pay me equally to pursue autistic meme making compared to a doctor or engineer???


Why shouldn’t I buy luxury vehicles while people down the street are freezing to death???


society was nice to me
they let me pursue my autistic career of meme making AND blinding the fuck out of people


save the dream


Guns don’t kill people


The Revolution started when the government tried to take away the guns.


Also, fuck Illinois. In addition to the State Government dumpster fire, local government near me are constantly eating shit.


On the commuter station closest to my house is a plaque to the group of officials that helped get it built. The guy from the railroad threw himself in front of a train a few years later during a corruption investigation.

The hospital shakedown that help send Blago to jail was supposed to be built about five miles from me.



America has a representative democracy. Therefore, it’s government is a reflection of the American people. Ipso Facto Ad Reducto it gets what it deserves.


Wait! Too busy counting pedophiles.

God so many


Is that what pedes stands for?