The Old Man and the Ree


What does your heart tell you?


Pizzagate was a false flag.


memed too close to the sun



Remember when we had good conspiracy theories like the Gulf of Tonkin instead of insane lies? I remember.

Also, I vaguely remember a movie about Trade Wars.


When I first saw the words “Frog Posters” I thought they were talking about the French.


#Wew #Lads


I’m taking this with a big ol bucket of salt because from what I’ve heard Nurberg was a bit of a racist drama queen when he worked for the Trump Foundation and was fired less for his racist Facebook musings (I mean who in the Trump Admin doesn’t have some dirt on their old social media profiles) and more because he was an insufferable douchebag.

It sounds more like he’s just really, really bad at interviews.


He was apparently on a panel later, surrounded by lawyers, who explained to him how stupid it would be to refuse the subpoena. Sounded like he objected to how laborious it would be to respond to produce the demanded documents. He then suggested he might just give Mueller his email password. So his maverick streak may be on the decline.

And yeah, he’s a colossal moron.


every day is dumber than the next




yes very dumb


My guess here is that she’s looking for judgment from a court stating that an agreement she signed to not discuss details of her tryst with Trump is void so that she can go on record about Trump’s disgusting ass


she’s gonna confirm the pee tape is real


america is literally praying for piss



By far the best part of this is the contact for Antifa, “Mohammed Markstein” who could be Muslim or Jewish OR MAYBE BOTH (galaxy brain exploding)


That’s Mrs. Mohammed Markstein.



(gun buying intensifies)


RIP the tenants of that building.