The Old Man and the Ree



If you want to import Aluminum or Steel the US, then you’re going to have to bring it through Canada or Mexico first so Donald Trump can appease his voter base.


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The OP is worth the click through.




“political opinions” is the worst meme in recent memory




This meeting will be scuttled the second they don’t let the SS bring their weapons.


It’s probably going to be in the DMZ where I believe both sides are allowed a small security detail.



Turkish and FSA are creating a pocket in Afrin with about three miles left to go until it is closed.


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Jesus fucking Christ there is nothing quite like watching a third-rate Trump shill get mercilessly hammered by a competent journalist on live television



Apparently Rex Tillerson got fired and found out via twitter or something lmao


White House says they told him he was shitcanned on Friday, which makes his anti-Russia comments yesterday interesting. (Free to speak his mind? Nothing to lose?) Mike Pompeo will probably do fine. His replacement at CIA ran a blacksite in Thailand and then spent a lot of effort trying to destroy records of said blacksite. So, you know, standard CIA material.



mike pompeo is going to ruin the iran deal

we get progressively more fucked every day


It’s ok you’ll have a Korea deal soon