The Old Man and the Ree


At least he’s not John Bolton.




Apparently one of Tillerson’s PR aides who crafted the State Department statement on Tillerson’s firing has also been canned for contradicting the White House’s dubious claim that Tillerson knew he’d been fired last Friday.





WaPo says Trump wanted to make the announcement on Twitter, but Kelly talked him down from that. Trump made Kelly call Rex, because the man most famous for “you’re fired!” is too shitless to fire people


First guns and now bridges. What’s going to kill American students next?




Get ready for this fucking nuclear brain take. I’m giggling in bed over this headline.


USA :us: USA :us: USA


You can usually bet that an article headline beginning with "Alabama lawmaker: " is going to have a galaxy brain take on pretty much anything



Lol no


Eight million American retail workers could see their careers evaporate, not due to technological disruption but a predatory financial scheme. The masters of the universe who devised it, meanwhile, will likely walk away enriched, and policymakers must reckon with how they enabled the carnage.

This is a poor take. Debt is one of the most powerful technologies in capital’s arsenal. This consolidation of assets will hasten the proliferation of more disjointed logistical solutions in the retail sector and subsume these brands into the digital marketplace. Amazon drones will hum like cicadas.

Otherwise a very interesting read.


I wish the Onion wrote this first.


yeah i thought that was well covered when talking about how the equity guy funded the sears debt with his own cash to make more and be a liability when the eventual bankruptcy settlement comes


This makes me want a sequel to Paul Blart Mall Cop in which Kevin James jackboots the propertyless underclass from the decaying corpse of a big box mall.



And then in the climax of the film Blart realizes that all this time the real criminal plot he should’ve been upending was capitalism

9/10 would watch


Here’s a very cool project my roommate just put me on