The Old Man and the Ree


No get rid of all cops and don’t give up anything.


give up cops and your guns and let the AI sort it out




This is bullshit, they’re all trespassers


Don’t forget that pulling the lever would also be a NAP violation of the guy who tied them up.


property is theft


If I put a fence around a piece of land that had previously been open to all to use, claim it as my own, and announce to all that I will use violence against any who walk upon it without my consent, it would certainly appear as though I am the one initiating force (or at least the threat of force) against others. I am restricting their liberty to move about as they were once free to do. I am doing so by threatening them with physical violence unless they comply with my demands. And I am doing so not in response to any provocation on their part but simply so that I might be better able to utilize the resource without their interference.

Again, what’s so funny about this insight is not just that it is a persuasive counterpoint to libertarianism, but rather that it seems to suggest that libertarian principles themselves forbid property ownership.


Yeah but my freedom to stand in the middle of a field and be legally entitled to kill anybody I see in that field is more important than your freedom to live so v0v


george washington’s ghost can eat my ass


holy shit


When did Ann leave the Trump Train?


Yeah but Ann’s job is to drag people through their own shit just like Bill Maher

She’s also a filthy liberal who unironically uses the word “liberal” as a slur


send help


thank God we finally had a good guy with a gun






“We are going to have 100% of the caliphate, as they call it, sometimes referred to as land” -POTUS


That is somewhere between ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ and ‘Four score’ imo.


I’m not even sure if I should be surprised if at this point K-Pop unifies Korea.