The Old Man and the Ree


K-pop is the singularity


Who wins: Aircraft Carriers or Stealth Anti-Ship Cruise Missile?

Vote now on your phones.


The answer is BattleMechs.



A man convicted of disorderly conduct after a confrontation with a Muslim woman at a local Walmart said he sees God’s work in the incident and wants to return to work as a chaplain at local nursing homes.

That isn’t the Onion. That’s my local newspaper.


God’s Work™




This thread is a comfy armchair to cling on as one watches the foundation collapse from underneath their feet

Here is a nice reading that provides some interesting ways to think about bourgeois flight and spaces of capital


I like the argument in the responses over whether knowing it’s a white supremacist reference is the result of lack of diversity.


we live in wild times my man







Capcom vs Maga


The phrase “I’m a Trump Republican” should be accompanied by what’s left of your brain leaving through your nose and ears.


Rokita doesn’t even sleep with his AR-15 in his bed at night. He shamefully places it in his gun case, where it will be unable to protect him should ANTIFA attack. Can you really call him pro-gun?

Also, why does he want to make a foreign language the official language of America? Why should we adopt English? We fought a War of Independence against those tea drinking tyrants!


And can he really call himself a Trump supporter if he isn’t being investigated by the FBI?


I didn’t realize the CIA had a diversity quota on their MK Ultra bank roll