The Old Man and the Ree





if you have 50 minutes just listen to this speech on the 50th anniversary of his assassination


sounds like they’re off to a good start. keep up the good work boys in blue.





Trade wars are easy to win my man. What are you worried about


While he is a great orator, what I really admire is how well written his speeches are.



martial law baby!!!

can’t wait for alex jones to flip out about this like jade helm!!!


Mexican-American War II bayyybeeee


you don’t have to build a wall if you just annex mexico!!!


Build a Guatemalan wall!


:musical_note: Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses :musical_note:



The US should really drop the tariffs and let China continue mirroring every industry though industrial espionage and IP violations while using nationalist laws to greatly restrict foreign companies in China.

Its the liberal thing to do.


Or idk we could understand that the Chinese and American working classes deserve a high standard of living that doesn’t have to be obtained at the expense of the other via trade wars that only benefit the very wealthiest but sure let’s trust the orange man


Just smash that button and end this human bullshit



I’m really more of a centrist. I think we should let the Chinese choke to death on smog.