The Old Man and the Ree


wown…lookat those lines,



At this point, I’m waiting for Trump to disparage vaccines.


can’t vaccinate this


If I can’t watch morbidly obese men firing full auto guns on Youtube, then the dream that is America is dead.






god damn greatest country ON EARTH


Human Noises


posting krang should be banned on this forum because it’s 2ez to gain karma with his tweets


Who wore it better



Probably the Israelis.

Unlikelies include Jordan, Turkey, and NATO.


I’m reading they came from Israeli bases in Lebanon, no word as to why an airbase in Homs would be targeted.


There are no Israeli bases in Lebanon, but Lebanon doesn’t have a real air force / defense so they might as well.



I mean they’re not wrong but historically we’ve been pretty bad at picking off bad guys and replacing them with guys who aren’t way fucking worse so maybe we should sit this one out idk

E: 777th post


Praise Nurgle.


empire state, state of empire


The second city equivalent, this escalator which has been broken for three years (but now at least has a sign acknowledging that fact).