The Old Man and the Ree


I mean, Nixon was notoriously foul-mouthed, but never made headlines with it.

Can’t wait for the FCC to mull over this one.


NBC apparently said the word just once and prefaced it with, “We’re only going to say this once.” All the cable networks can say whatever they want. There’s been a lot of “S-hole” instead of the full thing as well.


Why would they go to a shithole country like America




I mean have you been to El Salvador

The sad part is that he’s not wrong, he’s just got it in his head that the richest country in the world has nothing to do with failed states


I meant the Norwegians, why would they go to America

And of course America has had a hand in what’s happened in South America but Trump would never admit that



Also probably a higher percentage of Odin supremacists.


really excited to see how this one gets spun


Actually I bet he thinks that Norway having their shit together (because they manage their oil correctly) is some sort of racial trait.


I thought Norway was 100% Muslim now and under sharia law. Or was that Sweden?


Last night WaPo ran with two unnamed sources. NBC later said they had a Democratic aide who confirmed the comments. The White House’s statement last night dodged the issue and did not deny Trump had said what was alleged. This morning, he tweeted a denial. Later today, Senator Durbin confirmed the shithole comments. (Clip)


Donald Trump has cancelled a planned visit to the UK in February, where he had been expected to open a new $1bn (£738m) US embassy in London.

The US president tweeted he was not a “big fan” of the new embassy - which is moving from Mayfair to south London.

He blamed Barack Obama’s administration for a “bad deal” despite the fact the move was agreed under George W Bush.

Stable Genius


Aren’t embassy purchases generally of the $1 variety between the governments?


They’re not purchased, they’re leased, and in our case we apparently leased the land from the Duke of Cornhole who, when asked if a purchase option was available, replied that he’d consider an exchange for British territory unlawfully confiscated in the War of American Independence.


To be fair, a Canadian politician raised a private members bill to reclaim British assets at one point.

(It was a joke bill making fun of a similar bill that passed in the US regarding Cuba.)


Apparently they leased the old one and sold the lease but they own the land for the new one

Also good God the American ambassador to the UK is Woody Johnson. What a name



Compared to Norway?




Yours Truly, President Dril