The Old Man and the Ree


I actually snorted out loud at the gym


If Donald Trump kills the Republican party, then will he be remembered fondly?


no because he has only killed it for a farther right fascist party to take its place



They collapse like a house of cards leaving a new party to reclaim the center and reform government to better meet the needs of its citizens oh god I’m dumb as hell this will never happen am I just naive or stroking out


glad you came to your senses mid post


also in “the discourse” news


RIP Rob Ford


Huge developments in the war of ideas


ne1 know where to get lethal crack? I can only find the regular kind here


I have gotten our PR lady to agree that khakis and white golf shirts, in the current political climate, isn’t really the branding we want for trade shows.

Blue golf shirts here we come.


[economic anxiety intensifies]


That’s a great photo of a heated gaming moment. Really captures the spirit.


Donald Trump Brinkmanship

is pushing me to the brink


Apparently Donnie Two Scoops has been soliciting legal advice from pretty much any lawyer he speaks to including former legal counsel who have already stepped down




Tired: old man and the ree

Wired: old man and the weed