The Old Man and the Ree





Imagine being such a thorough liar that you transparently realize that your wife would never believe you when you tell her that you didn’t pay prostitutes to pee in a bed that Obama slept in. Also you think she will believe it if the FBI director, that works for you, says it isn’t true.


Imagine thinking you have to pay somebody to pee on your idiot face when most people would do it for free




[economic anxiety intensifies]


These people


Systemic Idiocy


“I don’t know Mr Libby,” said Mr Trump, "but for years I have heard that he has been treated unfairly.

“Hopefully, this full pardon will help rectify a very sad portion of his life.”

Just when you thought, “I don’t even know”, something happens that makes you think… you know… even less.


No one knows nothin



when you’re not mad at all



having a normal one online


Decent article highlighting a number of issues resulting from U.S. Government policies.


McCabe is Comey

What a tweeest


"One of the key points of the inspector general’s findings was that Mr McCabe lacked “candour” in his discussions with the then-FBI director about his involvement in contacts with the Wall Street Journal. It was Mr McCabe’s word against Mr Comey’s, and the inspector general sided with the latter.

Throughout the report, Mr Comey comes across as exceedingly cautious. He admonished his subordinates over the leaks about Clinton-related investigations that were bedevilling the bureau. He made Mr McCabe, who was the subject of allegations of political bias due to his wife’s Democratic Party ties, distance himself from the Clinton email probe."


Comey has always been a partisan hack, his memo probably singlehandedly cost hildawg the election but the hashtag resistance libs love him and his decorum


The Hack-Fraud Era of American History


The military operation is now underway.