The Old Man and the Ree


i feel like i’ve gone back in time and it’s 2003 and i’m in my living room watching bush bomb iraq.


It’s more like bombing ̶S̶e̶r̶b̶i̶a̶ Yugoslavia, but Russia isn’t okay with it.


This is the “self defense” that people want their guns for.


Really looking forward to Hurt Locker, Jarhead and Three Kings sequels



Directly intervening in a seven year old civil war after it’s killed 500,000 people really wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Which tells me it’s probably going to happen.


MSNBC is crap, but this video some good Trump Criticizes Trump clips.


march 26, 2003


My arguments with neoliberals on facebook have been really productive


Russia was super not ok with Kosovo.

The difference was Russia could really do jack shit about it so who the fuck cared?





It’s actually interesting, now that Paulie Ryan is on the way out there might actually be a chance for a vote on a new authorization


Nah that would require an elected representative to do something that isn’t fucking poors

Totally out of the question



We learned our lesson about appeasement after WW2

Just kidding lol

North Korea


Too bad we didn’t learn our lesson about insurgent/proxy wars after Vietnam


Good thing it’s not war as long as they can’t shoot back right


The real lesson is that government is only there for one purpose: killing people.