The Old Man and the Ree



Now I know why nobody at Starbucks gets their coffee black.





Trumps approval rating of 40% still boggles my mind.


"Our Leader, who art in government,

hallowed be thy roads.

Thy property rights none,

Thy taxes done, on time and in sealed envelope.

Give us this day our daily bread ration,

And forgive us our voluntary trades,

And lead us not into free markets,

but deliver us from Somalia,

For thine is the interstate, the drones, the schools,

and the functioning toasters, forever and ever.



How else are you going to trigger the liberals


FTR Leetcheese is right. Comey is a shit. His attempt to rebrand himself as a the hashtag resistance guy is pretty gross. Did you guys know his wife and daughter voted for Hillary?


All jokes aside james cummy is a little bitch and I bet I could knock him out in one punch


I can believe his narrative of why he took the actions he did, as I would probably have done the same in the same circumstances. However he was the head of the FBI so I have a very limited amount of room in my heart for him, as that is a pretty good sign you are the worst person in the USA.





say it with me

all cops
are bastards


“They’re tired of being portrayed in the media as racists and unaccountable killers and want a more sympathetic depiction. If my article screws them, he tells the class with a smile, “I’ll fly out to Seattle”—where I live—“and kill him.””



All Cats Are Beautiful


Kinda mind boggling that people still take Hannity seriously even after it’s made clear he’s in bed with Trump