The Old Man and the Ree


No :smith: either




do you see how that’s a square, that’s why


:guillotine: now active




Absolute shocker


[economic anxiety decreases]

[white supremacy increases]


Hello I’m staying noided don’t @ me


No ins and outs


is mc ride like a parking attendant in that song or what


he’s a bouncer
no ins and outs
there’s pulsing club music in the background


nah he’s working a parking lot

you come out man your shit is gone

no more parking spot



also same


dragon energy


Very cool


am dead


i want to have some dragon energy shot into my butthole



Trump said that Cohen had represented him in a “tiny little fraction” of legal cases: “Like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me.” Trump previously said he did not know of the $130,000 payment that Cohen arranged to Daniels in exchange for his silence about an alleged past affair with Trump.

Underscoring the danger of such a free-wheeling interview, federal prosecutors in Manhattan filed court documents less than two hours later citing Trump’s “tiny little fraction” remark to bolster their claim that most of the documents seized from Cohen are not privileged.

Do you think his lawyers are :smith: