The Old Man and the Ree


Just keeping those homers, Donnie.

Edit: my pick for best bit:

“Yet I have accomplished with all of this going on more than any president in the first year in our history. Everybody, even the enemies and haters admit that. We have accomplished more than any president in the first year by far.” No part of this statement is true.

And there’s more:

"Lincoln was a Republican,” he said, citing an extremely well-known fact.


Yea the snark is pretty on point



This goat-backed lioness began to hoot like a bruxism bedevilled banshee.


By god trump calling fox news to invalidate his best defense is :fire: :100: :fire:


ahahahahahahahhhhhh this is fucking sickening



Sorry but what is new here exactly. Steering support for one preferred candidate is supposed to be some weird thing ?


That if the DCCC’s culling of grassroots campaigns is successful, the general election will end up being one republican versus another. Their national strategy is the practice by which the DNC makes a suicidal rightward slide.


Yea but who cares


No one and no thing, but the void accepts all :hole:




uuhhhhhh wtf i love chance now?






We need a KanyeThinking emoji


How about :ox::poop:


idk why people even consider kanye’s opinion on politics

I’m the biggest yeezy fan but I know he’s a fucking loon and gets loonier on purpose when he has an album coming out


Love everyone


he said trump is good so to be loyal we have to like kanye’s opinions (or at least retweet the ones that justify fascism)