The Old Man and the Ree


The best part of the Trump presidency is I no longer need to live with the embarrassment of accidentally telling the barrista “you have a good day too” when she asked me if my americano has enough water in it.





I am shook.


FYI the “false” alarm in Hawaii wasn’t a mistake

There was a missile launched and the USAF intercepted it out of atmosphere. They don’t want the world knowing they have that capability so it was called off as a mistake.


No, it was an intentional misbroadcast from the deep state intended to make Trump look bad.


Does this forum have a tinfoil emote yet


The states would be carpet bombing North Korea right now if it was a real thing they are pretending was a hoax.


Wrong South Korea and the US will do anything to avoid a war.

South Korea has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Not to mention Seoul would be erased along with hundreds of thousands of civilians casualties would result from the first 24hrs of the war due to the mass amounts of artillery in range.


yeah but then NA would finally be #1 in starcraft so you know maybe go for it trump


I’m pretty sure a bombed-out South Korea with only 5% of its populace remaining will still bury NA at Starcraft


how can u bury na in starcraft when starcraft is already buried :thinking:


South Korea sure, but the US is going to attack. Probably by summer.

Besides you already announced the capability to the attacker when you shot it down. That is why they let them fly over Japan.


You assume that they want to hide that capability from North Korea.

Spoiler: they want to hide it from other countries. And nork would never admit to it. It’s the perfect con


Good ol Benny G


Do you think people would not have recognized Africa if it wasn’t labelled


I didn’t realize Mexico was the size of Africa and that Haiti was twice the size of Syria. Thanks, Ben!


that’s not mexico. that’s italy.


I’m glad soros made another cameo


look for the shoe and the pizza that is in every one