The Old Man and the Ree


I mean there’s some tragicomedy in Giuliani losing the Republican nomination only to sink the eventual President inadvertently




Good lord that’s a spicy meat-a-ball


Extremely spicy


New-clee-are Takes


George Takei voice Oh my!


So Trump paid Daniels 130K after she signed an NDA to not discuss the affair she didn’t have in the detailed letter she signed



Also Giuliani says Trump fired Comedy because Comey wouldn’t say he wasn’t a target of the investigation


comedy is my new favorite comey typo


don’t debate me or my son ever again


While this technically constitutes punching down I also approve?? discuss


nearly 200 years out from slavery the most owned person in all of america is the first black president of the united states


Short story: Trump talks about blocking AT&T/Time Warner merger, AT&T makes a $200k contribution to the same LLC which was used for Stormy Daniels, Trump suddenly shuts the fuck up about the merger, AT&T claims the money was for “insights into understanding the new administration”

Folks, this is bribery


Another Cohen LLC apparently accepted half a million smackers from a Russian oligarch’s US company but this should shock literally nobody


I am sure Trump believes the FBI could never unravel a bribery conspiracy so convoluted.


“china family” is my favorite recent political meme



I searched Twitter for #zog and lots of people are mad at Trump because he’s the Jews?