The Old Man and the Ree


“Why would Hamas do this” might be the most obvious caption for that Eric Andre shooting meme ever



ppl keep throwing shade at me being Jewish like it’s my fault Israel is an apartheid state lmao

nigga jews been around 5ever Israel is young and dumb


“Hamas claims 50 of the 60 dead were hamas operatives”


we are all hamas operatives on this blessed day


its not like you did birthright or anything

not all jews are zionists


Fuck man I’d do birthright if I were jewish

Basically my need for a vacation > my moral outrage


sorry fam im gonna do birthright this winter if it doesn’t get worse

free vacation??? i know it’s propaganda not like im paying


Do it mang worst case scenario you get clap from an israeli chick


yeah it’s legit a free vacay and the potential to meet your jewish princess is HIGH


do not do birthright


why not son


Leetcheese is just mad that he doesn’t get a free vacay for being a regular white devil


Leetcheese gets the freest vacation in being born a white man in America


Because it is explicitly encouraging a colonialist apartheid state???


“If i cant have free vacation nobody can”

-leetcheese 2018


Nice to see we keep it anti-Semitic on here though

When will you start posting about the zog?


lmao you’re sounding real american now



move to Israel and vote for a secular government