The Old Man and the Ree


Also enjoy your expensive metals


But will he free bobby shmurda?


Not sure if anyone is following the J20 proceedings, but holy hell what it’s dredging up is onerous


I know a bunch of people who were/are caught up in it, apparently the prosecution tried to call an informant who wasn’t plugged into activist circles for years


Yeah, as usual people are spared through the sheer ineptitude of fascists, but it’s all alarming as fuck. Not that these aren’t age-worn reactionary tactics, you just don’t see so much of it so out in the open very often.


I wouldn’t say it’s sheer ineptitude. The charges, as flimsy as they are, themselves are part of the punishment. Every bit of evidence they claim to have isn’t just a threat to the defendants, it’s also aimed at activists on the sidelines. The hope is that people will be too shook to come out for an action if they see that they could get dozens of lumps, months of litigation, and possibly decades in prison.


It’s a good point. I think about my own (even financial) ability to withstand months of bullshit litigation, and it would ruin me.




One of the articles that’s been in the back of my was a Congressional panel taking some poor smuck to task for not restoring power across all of Puerto Rico while ignoring that the blame really rests with Congress. Bugs me two or three times a week.


Was it an all white jury?


jury of your peers == jury of cops on paid administrative leave


new punk band name: jury of scabs


The man in charge of logistics for the Singapore summit probably ate his gun earlier today.


So Melania Trump is definitely dead at this point, right?


oh yeah absolutely.


it’s that scientology guy’s wife all over again


Her handlers must’ve pulled her off the op

Scarecrow needs a birdie, repeat, Scarecrow needs a birdie



glad ur posting again with content like this