The Old Man and the Ree


In retrospect, this pretty well summed up the presidency to come.


tfw you’re definitely writing words on a notepad


oh by the way happy Pride


President Dril, folks


that could literally be a drill tweet


In related “stupid things stupid people did with their phones” news, Manafort got released only to be caught on his shit again


I am always fascinated with the in-depth examination legal types are willing to give to the mechanics of fuckery that these scandal-prone figures are always operating. It does well to obscure the overall orientation towards impunity that political institutions and their orbiting bodies exhibit. Something as obvious as Manafort’s embrace of corruption is buried under a barrage of micro-controversies around legal technicalities hurled by a peanut gallery of JD aspirants, each of them ready to pass down a judgment upon someone who will be spared the trouble of punishment. It’s somehow worse than sportscasting.



only 90’s kids will understand this tweet


South Dakota, folks


i said that i’d never go back to that state and i meant it


I’ll bet he’s going to have a great time explaining to reporters how totally not racist he is for the rest of his life



This gives me an idea for my Pathfinder Campaign.




Dad, I mean the CIA did what they had to do. You should be great full for their service.


ahahaha sanguinetti was right


TRUMP to end federal ban on Marijuana!
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Clever Mr. Trump