The Old Man and the Ree


Strategic thought and long term planning has never been a strong point of the US government, but on the bright side we now have so much more room for improvement.


You want a better government and yet you aren’t actively plotting a coup



really makes u think


Also I guess Trudeau announced there would be a joint G7 statement and nobody told Trump so of course President Dril jumped on Twitter


not actively but i am coup curious


by the way did you know you can build your own ar15 for about $600?

also when you put “liquid” in a glass bottle leave some air in it so the glass shatters more easily


Good praxis right there



The year is 2026. After the incredibly successful Russian and Qatar World Cups President Trump, midway through his third term, welcomes “all the haters” to the 2026 World Cup. The price of a pretzel and a soda at the stadium is roughly $40 after tariffs, the appointment of Trump Jr. as Federal Reserve Chairman, and the Great Succession lead to a significant rise in inflation.

Anti-FA protests continue but are only shown as taking place in Canada. In 2021, all major American news outlets were forcibly merged into America News with Sean Hannity four hour program forming the core of this new organization. Soccer players protest by kneeling on the field, but Americans just assume they’re faking injuries as part of the stupid game.

For the primary venue, a new stadium is built with donations from two of the largest American corporations, Trump Super PACs and the makers of citronella torches. Resembling the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the TIKI Arena gets mixed reviews from international audiences as being “garish and a little on the nose”.

Team USA wins after many of their opponents contract Norovirus shortly before the match. Oddly, the outbreak of Norovirus isn’t confined to a single stadium and the poor hygiene of foreigners is deemed the primary cause. Sadly, Central and South American Soccer teams were unable to obtain travel documentation in time to attend the World Cup. Even Mexico, which hosted some of the preliminary stages, were unable to proceed due to “irregularities”. At the close of the 2026 World Cup it is called “perhaps the greatest World Cup ever”.


The latest in high-concept political intrigue from Benny G


Hey this is pretty good for a joke you’re required to laugh at to prove your loyalty. And look at that restraint in labeling things.


tfw ur brow game weak af


Not only is a seven year conflict that’s claimed half a million lives so simple that a favor from Putin could solve it, but by not asking for the favor he is assenting to further bloodshed.

Once in a while you see a comment that is a little more brain dead then the others.


At this point, I can’t help cringing whenever he speaks. Does anyone have centrist tips or tricks to help get back into a more balanced state of mind?


Manafort going to jail.

My spicy commentary:



“Theranos’s investors, most of whom poured money into the company after its commercial rollout in Walgreens stores in late 2013, have collectively lost nearly $1 billion. They include the Waltons, heirs to Walmart Inc. founder Sam Walton ; Atlanta’s Cox family; the family of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ; and Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of 21st Century Fox and of News Corp, the Journal’s parent company. Each invested more than $100 million in Theranos—investments that are now worthless.”



But at least it was disruptive


The funniest part of Theranos to me was the CEO cargo cutting Steve Jobs so hard she even started wearing black turtle necks.