The Old Man and the Ree



one closer step to mass producing the big zam


oh hey big zam


Where to sign up

I wanna get my nut on the moon baby



Man I’ve never seen people so mad, not even during the worst parts of the Iraq war. Got middle aged ladies talking about it on my street.



If you believe that treaty you are dumb. The USAF currently has more people in Space Command than all of NASA. All this is doing is separating space command from the usaf into its own branch.

Space has been militarized for decades.


I want to know the specifics. Where the will Space Force Academy be located? How many Space Cadets will it graduate in a year? What will the Space Force Medal of Honor look like? What will Space Force special forces be called? What’s the Space Force motto?


Can’t wait for the inevitable war with those disgusting spacenoids.



xxx gettin shot is proof that gun ownership is a force for good


He had some okay cuts with skimask but he was a doofus

can’t wait for the movie


that little bitch got her throat fucked :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


The hottest take I’ve seen in my life is “so you’re happy that xxx got shot but sad about john lennon why are you so racist”


Mark David Chapman was an American Hero


unironically this


Introducing John Lennon, the goofy hippie musician everybody can love! five minutes later We regret to inform you that John Lennon beat his wife and wrote songs about it.


maybe is jd salinger was more of a centrist john lennon would still be with us