The Old Man and the Ree


"Ms. Meissner says work-site raids don’t work in the long term because they fail to address the real magnet drawing people into the country: a need for laborers.

When your laws don’t align with the market, then the market is always going to win,” Ms. Meissner said.’

Capitalism wins again





The American voter, guided by God, determined that President Trump would do less damage than President Clinton.

Also, the great orange ape’s machine is really good at turning the reporting on policy issues into hysteria over window dressing.


Honestly, I think the Democratic leadership and the press are helping Trump at this point.

I know he’s a racist arrogant pissant. I get it. But hold him accountable for his actions instead of meaningless quibbling over his already empty words.


Although I guess I’m assuming anyone can hold the President accountable…


no shit


enjoy the never ending reign of Donald, first of his name


helping more than usual



What else is new?




Nobody actually wants those things because

1.That would would mean higher taxes
2. That would mean other people we don’t like would get those things too


The Trump physical has produced some pretty good memes.


Oh like this?


“i would rather pay 30k a year in health care costs than an extra 100 dollars in my taxes” - the average american


But what if I don’t get sick


some garbage is okay


Me: Alright we only have to suffer three more years of Trump
Also me:


You really think Joe Biden will make it to 80