The Old Man and the Ree


2026 World Cup and half the teams are unable to attend for security reasons.


jesus fucking christ



How do they keep doing it? How has this well not run dry??



Lmfao that is amazing.


I wonder what will happen when Trump learns that MS-13 is the direct descendant of the death squads that Reagan was running in Guatemala.


Maybe he will think that government should stop trying to intervene and regulate every aspect of everyone’s lives?


When is the tipping point? I’m probably being presumptive. Is there a tipping point?


How much cancer is healthy?


10kg megatumors


Primary more of those centrist Democrats from the left.


smizz is your faith in the democratic process restored now that you have a (((democratic))) (((socialist))) in charge???


Not really. This is a pretty good win, but there is still the general election and I would not put it past the party to hamstring her against a republican candidate. The reaction in this city runs deeper than anyone is willing to acknowledge. That being said, it is good to see Crowley and the party machine eat shit. They need to be dumped into a deep hole and forgotten about.

Indeed it does.


The good news about Kennedy retiring is hopefully now dumb liberals will stop hoping for SCOTUS to be the safeguard against all ills (instead of, you know, the much tougher work of mobilizing people to get shit done).

Unfortunately, that is the only good news about Kennedy retiring.


ha x 1035


unfortunate he didn’t live up to the kennedy name and get dropped by a firearm before his time as a cog in the political machine ended


Well maybe if you had a functioning democracy :thinking::thinking:


Guess we just need to invade ourselves and set one up.