The Old Man and the Ree


Wil Wheaton’s golden years are waaaaaay behind him.

Although I do like that he taught his kids how to play Catan when they were like five.


Wil Wheaton writing Firefly absolutely astounds me. Then I thought about it. The actors were very well type cast. They must have ad-lib most of the thing.



This is some real 1984 shit


If you follow r/TrumpCriticizesTrump, it gets worse. There are tweets where he contradicts himself within the body of the same tweet.



why dont i even hear about this on the news


Because no one cares about Iowa


Because the enviros are more worried about stopping much safer and efficient pipelines.

Bringing attention to rail cars would create more pressure to move to pipelines which would be against the narrative.

Let’s not forget oil rail cars literally blew up a Canadian town and killed like 50 people in 2013


Canadians basically aren’t people tho


Hydrocarbons are proof that the dinosaurs still rule the earth


Could a crackdown on Medical and Recreation Marijuana set the stage for the Second American Civil War?


“Oh rats now I have to start buying weed from my neighbor again”


The real problem with oil companies is that they care too darn much and if only people would let them really do the caring they really want




I also enjoy talking about things that I have no knowledge of.




JFK shot himself though