The Old Man and the Ree


(Dont google that fact if you value your freedom)


nothing more divisive has happened in america than the soprano’s ending



I’m thinking about then closest historical analogue for Trump, and I think Kaiser Wilhelm is it. Both are plagued by inadequacy, both wrapped themselves in the military, and both made foreign policy decisions that undermined security and increased isolation.


Did Willie want to fuck his daughter?


Okay maybe it isn’t a perfect match.


Idk it was the 1800s. He was at the very least boning someone related to him


Scott Pruitt btfo


Good grief, that took awhile.

Considering he was personally and financially in conflict with the very mission of the EPA, I’m shocked he lasted more than a week.


scott pruitt resigns. tomorrow a man wearing a mustache and glasses who is totally NOT scott pruitt takes office.


Trump’s number one pick for the job is the anthopomorphic pig villain from Captain Planet


No mustache, but he does have the glasses:




They talking about the gold standard when they should worried about double standards SMH vapes


proof of zog


Cardillo is like the John Wick of bad takes


And yet they both escaped the guillotine, curious


Another Federalist Society stooge on the bench. Oh boy.


Much textualism