The Old Man and the Ree



Good praxis.



Criminal shit-posting…


When is the rest of this forum being prosecuted


They’ll never get us. We’re behind too many proxies.


I am going to dig myself (I mean, I will get someone else to dig obviously) out of my prison cell El Chapo-like, when I get pinched for heading an international meme cartel.


When I get caught again, I will get a reduced sentence by ratting out Lucy for that terrible minions meme thread.

She knows she deserves it.


ocrum how does it feel to know you’re gonna be banned from entering america for smoking the devil’s lettuce


How the fuck does someone shitpost so hard that it is a “hacking crime”?


i have infiltrated the international meme community, god have mercy


The Meme Police™

(To be performed to the tune of “Dream Police”)


Pretty good tbh. I actually don’t smoke so I am not overly worried about it. (Also really hate visiting the states in the first place.)

What is really funny is that everyone that touches this industry is going to get labeled as a “drug dealer” at the border and lifetime banned.

Some researchers that are working on a new soil fertilizer just got lifetime banned as their invention (not yet made, marketed or sold to anyone) could be used by the cannabis industry and were banned. It would be so bizarre but my current company already has to tell clients that they have to come here to meet us because Trump’s Iranian travel ban means the PhDs they want to speak to are disallowed entry.

I am sort of looking forward to Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health provincial and federal officials start getting banned at the border because their job requires they interact with cannabis in some round about way.


I don’t think border control can handle that many cases lmao

canada is gonna ddos the border


Yeah, my feeling is border control is going to get bored eventually. Sucks to be in that group of several thousand that get fucked before that happens.

It is totally possible that lots of Canadians have this in one of their mutual funds.


Are they inadmissible? If I work the trading desk of some Bay Street bank, am I fucked too?

It is stupid the whole way down. I can buy legal rec weed where I am, drive 2 hours south buy legal rec weed. If I tell the south-bound border guard any of that I get lifetime banned. If bring my weed with me, I get 5-10 years in club Fed.


I think my kid gets sent to brown child jail too.


america first baby


Can’t have that primo Yellow Cake Kush flowing into our schools


haha what a fucking shitshow


And yet people still think we should trust the government to create regulation.

The entire legalization of weed has been hilarious. In my friend group some of the furthest left big gov shills did a 180 once the Ontario gov said no private stores allowed.

I guess they are cool regulating other people’s stuff but not their own.