The Old Man and the Ree


i’m gonna go with both sides are bad on this one



Why wouldn’t you say something not so controversial yet so brave?


I’m confused, also gay


whats more funny is people up here in canada think the NRA is here too


It is the lamest part of Canada. All the Canadians that watch too much American TV and think we have a Bill of Rights, a 2nd Amendment and a domestic motorcycle company.


and a 1st amendment :wink:


Don’t forget they protest in the streets when trump makes a decision they don’t like.

Someone should “counter-protest” with a sign that says “You aren’t a US citizen nobody cares”


Today Trump claimed on Twitter that his meeting in Helsinki with Putin was so “successful” that they’d meet again, in the fall, in DC, to discuss further “security cooperation.”

He also spoke positively of Putin’s proposal that the US give up one of its former ambassadors for questioning in exchange for some of the twelve Russians indicted last week.

You’d almost think this guy was thankful for Russian interference in the 2016 election.



What is even going on


it’s basically nixon 2.0 except instead of drinking problem trump has a rape problem


On one hand I feel absolutely awful, but on the other it’s kind of neat seeing an great power(empire?) fall apart in real time.


Honestly I don’t think the US can fail, at least not as corporate-military state; as complicated as Trump makes foreign policy for those who actually make phone calls and draft memos, we’re never going to be made vulnerable by Trump’s spitballing of batshit insane nationalist policy.

He can (and will) make things terrible for people who can already barely afford to survive, both in the US and abroad, which is why socialism has to win - we’re not looking to save America but Americans, which is a far greater ideal to strive toward.


I mean on the other hand these people voted for Trump so maybe I don’t want to save them any more?


I’m not about to apologize for white dudes with huge trucks who couldn’t care less if every minority were murdered overnight, but I also think they can be motivated by losing jobs to machines and being screwed out of their retirement by banks.

Like Virgil Texas said, we’re all accelerationists now.



National strength is means times will. All policies take time to implement and their impact lags behind implementation. So in terms of his impact on the means of the country, we’ve largely yet to see. However, in terms of will he is isolating and undermining America while eroding our institutions. I’m all for new systems, but they’re usually accompanied by the collapse of the old ones. To me, the future is bleak.



Are declining vaccination rates a sign that we’re getting dumber, or do we know more about stupidity than previous generations? :thinking: