The Old Man and the Ree


The followup is even more on point:



Speaking of old men, it would appear the US government is going to shut down later today.

The present issue is a funding bill that needs to be passed by the end of today. Democrats have consistently promised that no spending bill would be passed without DACA legislation, some Republicans have also promised their constituents the same. But Republicans are kicking that idea down the road and instead threw CHIP (child health insurance) into the spending bill. The House passed a spending bill but the Senate isn’t going to pass it.

I’m listening to Orrin Hatch throwing straight fire blaming Democrats 100% for this shutdown (and for killing children), in reality not even 100% of Republicans are voting for the spending bill.


How dare you not fund the healthcare program we defunded


Tbh Republicans played this brilliantly - they get to frame the narrative in the context of immigrants vs. American kids and Democrats sided with the immigrants.

In reality we could’ve solved both crises, but leave it to Congress to drown in a cup of water.


See I don’t think this is going to go all that badly for a couple of reasons

1 is that dreamers have a ton of support across both sides of the aisle

2 is that voters never punished the Republicans for their shutdown, really they got rewarded for it. I think the same will happen for the dems


Yeah except that this shutdown is stupid

  1. 2013 government shutdown was over the ACA, with the House wanting language delaying or defunding it, Senate refusing to pass that version and bouncing it back to the House, who refused to remove the language
  2. Essentially it was a fight between two parties who controlled two different chambers
  3. In this case Republicans control both chambers but still can’t pass dick because the GOP is Old Men
  4. Republicans still unironically blame democrats

  1. i’m gay


That they blame the Democrats makes sense, but how they get away with it is astonishing. It doesn’t help that the Democrats messaging is just SO terrible. It is like they don’t even realize how badly they are being outplayed by these idiots.

It really is amazing to watch the unreality bubble just bounce around.


I work directly on a government contract; my company is royally fucking us all, like most contractors are during these shutdowns.

I just hope there’s a republican out there smart enough to be kicking himself for introducing this horseshit hostage-taking. It’s insane just for the amount of money that’s wasted every time they bring us to the brink like this- everyone panicking and planning what to do if there’s a shutdown.


I think the USA is the only country that behaves likes this. Other countries spent what they need with no limit.


Oh like Greece?

I’ll bet that worked out great for Greece.


It kinda did???


I dont think shutting down the public sector in Greece would have helped them. Just make total chaos of a really bad situation. Greece is a special case, a lot of nepotism on salaries doing nothing and the retirement age is like 60 at full salaries from the gov.


no one paying their taxes also probably didn’t help


Here in the US, the smart move for feds is retire, then get re-hired to do the same thing but now as a contractor. Then you get your pension and your salary.


i 100% support every government shut down. i hope it shows all the lefties and righties that neither side gives a shit about them.


But people love the theatrics.


I wish my existence was a nonessential government employee rn