The Old Man and the Ree


Government creates a problem and then subsidizes those impacted to create artificial support bases.


Remember when Obama wanted to send money to Detroit and Republicans were up in arms about the government “choosing winner and losers?”


If only there were like a stat, something about the difference between farmers in Indiana and urban Detroit residents, that could be pointed at as the difference.

Oh well, I guess it will remain a mystery.



Very cool Kanye!


I wonder how this idiocy will end.


the same way all twitter feuds do


Reminder that Flint still doesn’t have clean drinking water



“Riggleman also said did not believe in Bigfoot, but added that he did not want to “alienate” the Bigfoot vote and said the entire thing was a joke that his opponent had seized upon unfairly.”

the bigfoot vote


At this rate, by the time World War 3’s nuclear apocalypse flashes onto to the scene I might unironically welcome it.


Back in my youth I knew we were all going to die in a horrible nuclear war, and thought that was too bad.

You kids today are so lucky to know that it would be an improvement.


ban 3d printers

ban milling machines

ban lathes

ban guns


ban memes


legalize gay weed



it is unfathomable to me that we use 3rd party software (any software would be bad) to count votes


I write a big fucking X on my ballots.

No Trumps here yet.


TFW angry Fox News white lady leads her show with the fourteen words. Unnerving that they don’t even bother with dog whistles anymore.


HH 1488