The Old Man and the Ree






It’s bad enough to torpedo your career by writing a petty-ass “insider scoop” that reveals literally nothing that hasn’t already been said, but to dramatically self-own yourself into prison (felony-level self-own, precisely) in the process is mind bogglingly dumb even for a member of the Trump administration.


Nothing matters.


meday john correia will meet Jesus. As an ordained pastor, he has thought about how their first conversation will go. That is why he keeps his Heckler & Koch VP9 loaded with a 9-mm magazine in pristine condition. “You’re only going to draw a gun on the worst day of your life,” Correia told me. “You want to make sure the equipment works. I treat these mags like babies.” If he drops one and dents it, he never carries it again. “I don’t want Jesus to look at me and go, ‘How come you didn’t test your equipment, dummy?’ ” Better to be shot dead in a fair fight. “At the very least I want him to say, ‘He smoked you! He was better than you!’ And I’ll say, ‘Yes, Lord, I got smoked.



American Protestantism is literally the worst thing to ever be created.


Well that’s something


It’s like every day I awake deeper into groundless nightmare


This was basically guaranteed once the EU banned the sale of the shit you use to kill people to the US.


Once you get past the torment you start noticing the little details and how they elevate the experience as a whole.


posadism now


Apparently the “big thing” to come out of this whole Omarosa non-story is that an old white guy might’ve used the n-word.

As though that’s an impeachable offense, or that anybody who voted for Trump would care.


Also, there is a zero chance the guy hasn’t dropped n-bombs aplenty in his day. Dude and his pops were sued for housing discrimination way back. Then he damn near tried to lynch the Central Park Five. Like yeah sure having it on tape might have a little more punch, but nobody could seriously call it a surprise.


This haunts me as well. Everyday things seem to get a little more senseless.

I’m trying to figure out what bothers me the most about it. At first, I thought it was the sense of powerlessness, but I’ve always been, that hasn’t changed. It’s having no end in sight that probably wears on me the most.


Doink r u ok


Its weak gaslighting, silly little bastard. It does not work on Gods.


I’m fine, but I avoid the news to be that way.


I can almost say for surgeon that I follow the news more then most of you nerds.



I never thought I’d find search engine optimization funny, but I was wrong.