The Old Man and the Ree


Adoration and hate, packed in a loving embrace I would call it. .





am i the only one who thinks charlie kirk and david hogg look eerily similar?


All highschool students look the same.


So Michael Cohen entered a plea deal, pleading guilty to a litany of fraud charges including two which directly implicate Trump in campaign fraud.


incoming pardon


Think he’ll pardon Cohen and Mannafort on the same day or will he spread them out?


someone should convince him there’s a cooldown






I actually am curious whether Mueller is baiting a pardon since accepting one you are acknowledging you did the thing you are getting pardoned for. That seems like a risky choice when you are the unnamed co-conspirator of that thing.

Also for it to work Trump would have to know what they have on them to pardon them for it. Otherwise he has to spend the rest of his presidency with his weekly Manafort pardon. (Eventually that isn’t a good look.) ((lol))



if cohen is pardoned he’ll just be tried in ny and lose all his shit

he will probably try to turn this on trump


Despite how often you hear “acceptance of a pardon is an admission of guilt” slung around, the authority behind that idea is rather thin. It stems from one bit of dicta in a SCOTUS opinion. Calling it binding principle would be way overstating things.


I think it’s more of a court of public opinion thing, same as taking the 5th


Oh yeah, now we’re getting into the real Nazi shit



looks like heart disease is the real alien here


Even better, Trump is literally tweeting about white genocide

Truly the dankest of timelines