The Old Man and the Ree


They’re actually doubling down on the family separations. What the fuck are they thinking


this is literally some nazi shit


Trying to spin family separation into their own thing with “permanent separation” is a whole other level of revolting. Not that the Trump Administration heretofore has been exactly pleasant.


“White genocide whips ass” -reknowned popular Democrat Virgil Texas


The llama’s ass no less


The next admin cannot pull Obama’s “let it be history” bullshit. Huge chunks of the federal government deserve to swing.


Nuke D.C.

It’s the only way to be sure.


So Duncan Hunter, a no-name California Republican representative, has been indicted for spending $250k in campaign funds on trips to Europe, fast food and, reportedly, 30 shots of tequila.

There’s also evidence that he tried half-assedly to legitimize the spending by arbitrarily arranging detours to naval bases and other military venues, at one point being denied a tour of an Italian base on a specific day, and, when offered a later date to visit, told an aide “The Navy can go fuck themselves.”

Which is a quote by a Republican member of Congress.


Drain the swamp?


Should’ve mentioned that he is being charged with his wife and, on Day 2, already sold her ass out on national television


He has a long history of being a windbag for press coverage.





hey women have you ever thought about NOT getting murdered?



Got some more direct uncut Nazi shit for ya here


“this is what they want to destroy”: [a big picture of my mental and physical health]



milo should start camming i bet he would make mega cuck bucks


This is what they want to destroy