The Old Man and the Ree


mccain bit it finally.



Fucken finally. Do Kissinger next!




“I’m certainly intellectually at my best,” he said. “I’m stronger, I can swim better, and my gum disease is gone. It’s like, what the hell?”

“Do you take any vitamins?” asked Rogan.

“No. No, I eat beef and salt and water. That’s it. And I never cheat. Ever. Not even a little bit.”

“No soda, no wine?”

“I drink club soda.”

“Well, that’s still water.”

“Well, when you’re down to that level, no, it’s not, Joe. There’s club soda, which is really bubbly. There’s Perrier, which is sort of bubbly. There’s flat water, and there’s hot water. Those distinctions start to become important.”

The modern Renaissance man


stop eating animals, start eating white people


Remember 4chan?


I am out of touch. Can someone explain Jordan Peterson to me?


if you were an enlightened individual you would already know


J :b: P is a transphobic canadian professor who thinks that cultural marks is going to ruin western society and tells neets and incels to wash their dicks, clean their rooms, and move out of their mom’s basement to get laid.


I am enlightened when I lift lid off the dumpster, but the raccoons are back.


His latest thing is promoting an all-beef diet, because apparently scurvy is a liberal conspiracy.


He believes using the wrong pronoun will put you in prison.


He also believes ancient art of snakes fucking is actually depicting the double-helix of DNA.


Fucking Zen Koan here.


Who will the old man yell at next?


Jordan Peterson is the greatest intellectual force of our time


Remember when Rick Moranis was the most famous Canadian

Things were simpler then


I remember when Nickelback were the most famous Canadians