The Old Man and the Ree


I watched Jordan when he was with Rogan, found it ok. He is the nemesis of the SJW. He gets almost as many death threats as me.


Is Trump THOTless? Or THOTful?


He’s a big ol sloppy thot alright


Big Thot Energy!


I was looking at the list of U.S. Presidents trying to reconcile the concept of Donald Trump as a human being when I noticed that he was “born” in the same year as Clinton and Bush.


old men are the future


It’s all in the numbers.


If you scroll down a bit in the comments Donny Two Scoops proceeds to pitch his MAGA merchandise


Good job Jeff…


There are moments in history where it’s hard to convey the depth of sentiments to those who have not experienced them. For a fleeting moment I thought Trump’s Presidency was one until I realized later generations are probably going to be just as baffled reading his tweets as I am.


“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Thankfully they went with Kaepernick instead of Jenny McCarthy.


I knew I should have fired up Photoshop.



wow leetcheese this is all ur fault


When I visited the U.K. I was kind of surprised by how many security cameras I saw. Later I realized that it was because they were accompanied by signs that highlighted their use. They may not be as ubiquitous in the United States, but I rarely see them accompanied by signs.

This functionality appears to have a legitimate use. If you have a description of a suspect, then it can save time over manual examination. However, like the cameras themselves, by not being open about their use or discussing the desirability of mass surveillance U.S. police once again follow the rule of A.C.A.B.

Honestly, I prefer police forces spending money on equipment that deters crime and saves money like cameras as opposed to MRAPs and excessive force lawsuits.


I want you to read your post again and tell me if you really believe the shit that you’ve written.


Guys it’s fine the kind officer told me he’s looking for weapons so he won’t care about my drugs


Future cyber dystopia starting to look LIT!

Cannot wait to play that game…


I have a confession. I was only pretending to be retarded. That was the most apologetic centrist position I could think of. I thought I made it believable, but you instantly called me on it.