The Old Man and the Ree


I am unironically for the occult conspiracy of luciferian post-humans






I guess you have to shout at @jack as he leaves a congressional hearing to get banned from twitter.


All this makes me wonder when we will see MODS=FAGS enter the mainstream discourse of right-wing politics.


i mean the best way to actually force someone into action is by appealing to them in meatspace


Are conspiracy theories the modern equivalent to belief in witchcraft or demons?


The first presidential account ban will signal an irreparable decay in American World Hegemony :tm: human governance will henceforth be conducted through tweet issued edicts by well-armed, botnet-augmented Cyber Cults.

In exchange for posting rights, the cultists offer the bodies of their followers, and of the conquered, in ritual sacrifice to Amazon Prime.


Twitter bans the accounts of all U.S. Government officials for violating the terms of service when


Once we give Bezos the launch codes


how horrifying


Corporate sponsored militias when


yes. i like this comparison.


that’s why amazon warehouse workers are forced to work in the third-world conditions so that when they are inevitably drafted into the jeff bezos defense force to protect democracy and capitalism they will be at peak physical condition.


The Huddled Masses Division


This is almost comical


Cool so even off-duty cops can waste PoC inside their homes and be put on “administrative leave”


Normal working police state


" In an interview on CNN, Merritt argued that Jean’s door could not have been ajar, as doors in the apartment complex building close automatically. Though he declined to offer a theory about what actually took place, Merritt did reveal that the same day as the shooting, someone in the apartment immediately below Jean’s — which happens to be Guyger’s place of residence — made a noise complaint about Jean’s apartment; furthermore, he said, it was not the first noise complaint."



I read Woodward’s book. It is at once both terrifying and strangely reassuring.

Terrifying because Trump is a moron with nukes, a narcissist with an understanding of the world barely more evolved than that of most three year-olds (with no offense mean to three year-olds). His understanding of strength is so simplistic, he cares only that others are afraid of him and that he is never seen as apologizing, for that would show his strength as incomplete. He is totally unmoored from reality. His sole lodestar is his sense of greatness.

Strangely comforting because from the outside, some have imagined Trump is following a plan, that he intends to disassemble the apparatus of the state or break down democratic norms or otherwise enact some foul revision of the presidency, but Woodward’s book makes it so painfully plain that nothing could be further than the truth. Trump is not intellectually capable of following a plan. There is no grand ambition to subvert the liberal democratic order because Trump is too dumb to know what those words means.

I am reminded of Hanlon’s Razor. “Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.” Trump is a big fat orange Exhibit A.