The Old Man and the Ree


NYT Op-Ed author spotted.


The Circle Game is now a symbol of White Supremacy.


I think there’s a distinction to be made between Jordan Peterson/Milo fans who want to pretend like they have valid opinions on racial injustice by saying edgy things like “it’s okay to be white” and the other people who use words like “miscegenation” in tyool 201x, but since they tend to hang out and rally together I’m bound to agree.


yeah im not gonna really try to give nuance to people who are edgy white supremacists and hardcore white supremacists in $current_year


subtly and nuance are dead. the age of all or nothing is upon us.


It’s just the latest in a series of sentences that I would have dismissed as a joke a decade ago.

  • People record themselves eatting Cinnamon and Tide Pods for the Internet.
  • Donald Trump is President.
  • The Circle Game is still stupid, but in a totally new way.


i can’t believe you guys are forcing the edgy racists to become actual nazis



Debate me you coward!


so much for the tolerant left. you won’t even engage me in a debate with good faith arguments hahaha i win pwned newb


It was less pathetic when they would just pull guns on you or try to drunkenly round house you on the sidewalk.


subtly and nuance are dead. the age of all or nothing is upon us.

I thought I subtly made fun of the comics that want ck back and then took a huge shit on him.



Trolling Hilmar is one of my favorite past time.


The only thing needed to shut me up is a good comeback.


That’s what Louie CK wants too.


Jordan Peterson is not one of my favs. People can be anywhere one the spectrum for all I care. I am prob 25% gay or even more. I admit I get man crushes all the time.


Me taking a huge shit on him?


I would prob do it, tie him up and shit on him and then leave the room.