The Old Man and the Ree


obama had a shut down during his 2 terms right? i feel like this happens with every president.


It has happened to Reagan three times, H.W. once, Clinton twice and Obama once, which means Republicans are 5 for 8 now


Choke the fed




also indiana university school of informatics, computing, and engineering what up


that’s money



>govt shutdown when your party got majority of seats and some democrats are even voting for you.

“Republicans fall in line”, right…


I can’t even begin to imagine overdosing once in a day never mind 4 times


Yeah being a paramedic in an area with a bad opiate problem has to be the most frustrating thing in the world.



the nasa Instagram isn’t posting during the shutdown

what a sad casualty


Looks like the gov is open again


Democrats a BITCH


Yeah they sold out for a GOP commitment to “think about it”

Peak centrism at work folks



TIL Ben Garrison can’t draw guns.


As if the Republicans never filibustered anything.



Kinda what I thought - it’s like a Glock slide with a 1911 grip, and neither have protruding barrels, but maybe that’s why it’s labeled “Democrats 2018”?