The Old Man and the Ree


This is why some religions don’t consume pigs.


I wonder if the Democrat primaries for president in 2020 will be as crowded as the Republican in 2016.


Yeah probably

Not that it matters because they’ll all be filthy fucking neoliberals


Way more, can you imagine an easier candidate to run against. Literally never mention his name or acknowledge there is a current president = 35% of the vote by itself.

Go to Michigan once and mutter something about cars, you win.


I’m confident the party will find a way to fuck it up.


It is pretty likely he will not get an automatic nomination.

  • increasingly nervous man


Give me the Bernie Sanders

#1591 :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:






Jesus Christ this has to be the most brutal attack ad in American history


id like to report a murder


Broke: Facts
Woke: Shooting a cardboard target of your opponent
Holysmoke: Getting your opponent’s entire family to endorse you in an attack ad


Imagine how big a piece of shit you have to be to get all 6 (assuming he doesn’t have more) siblings attack you in a political ad. I am not a fan of my sister, but I wouldn’t attack her for her parking.


He’s one of ten. Two have stayed silent so far.

Still btfo’d


(Fingerpicking banjo) well that vaginaaaa’s just like a clown car


Hmmm… Clowns usually have plenty of latex


In short order the number of women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct has gone from one to three. One of them is represented by Michael Avenatti.

Please post appropriate this gonna be good gifs below.