The Old Man and the Ree



Looks like Trump is successfully distracting the media away from Kavanaugh by throwing “Rowdy” Rod Rosenstein into a folding table of unemployment.

What’s interesting is how he’s having his mouthpieces announce a meeting with Rosenstein on Thursday. Normally Trump goons don’t know they’re being fired until they’ve already been fired. Trump’s not well known for this kind of restraint.


What kind of restraint is known for though?

Affair NDAs?


My eyes are bleeding.


Like I need a primer to understand dumb fucking rich white people


Turns out when you’re the spawn of multigenerational cousincest and have more money than you’ll ever know how to spend, your behavior looks from the outside a smidge sociopathic

Color me shocked


Anyway Rosenstein is a cop so getting him fired is a good thing I think


Actually it would own if he just refused to quit. (It isn’t like he has suddenly lost the confidence of the president now.)


Actually what would own is he and the entire Congress and White House being sucked into a massive volcanic fissure that opens up beneath them

Short of that, Raw Dogg Rod Rosenstein giving Trump a minor stroke would be okay I guess


Spoiler the mid-season 3 cliff hanger ffs.


Me and Samantha Bee after a alt right rally.


Watched almost the whole Dr. Ford hearing. Was a bit strange. The GOP brought in a prosecutor to ask questions on their behalf, reportedly because they thought eleven old men asking questions to Dr. Ford was a bad look. But the prosecutor conducted herself like a prosecutor, setting up easy opportunities for the Dem senators to comment on that fact, to tell Dr. Ford she wasn’t on trial, and to just generally be a lot nicer and warmer to her. In trying to dodge one bad look, seems the GOP found their way into another.


Still gonna vote him in tho


I wonder how tone deaf the Republican efforts to win back women voters will be.


Is voter suppression on the scale?



Tell your friends that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away and watch their reaction.


Hold on, everyone seems to have stopped talking about the really important thing here that a lot of people were actually and honestly upset and arguing in good faith about - now that Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation has been ruined and he has been utterly rejected by society thanks to the very successful smear campaign orchestrated by the feminist/globalist ruling class, how does he get it back? How will his family ever be the same?


How will high school boys ever feel confident enough again to do a rape and not worry about its effect on their career?


Truly it is a terrifying time we live in.