The Old Man and the Ree


Holy shit, this is an editorial on our public broadcaster. This is frank…


I think the American electoral system is structurally flawed, and I struggle with supporting a system and candidates that I do not believe in. Both parties are awful. I vote because I have no other recourse.

This defense guaranteed my turnout.


Comparing it to Brett Kav now. Lmao


Our beloved President Dril


Don McGahn is out as White House legal counsel, which is great if you’re a clickbait journalist seeking to speculate that Mueller is about to be fired and pretty meh if you’re anybody else


I think when Rosenstein leaves is when we can really start panicking


Holy shit they almost killed a four star.

This guy was the head of JSOC a month ago.


Not sure if this says more about Taliban capabilities in Kandahar or our own general ineptitude in administering the region


Apparently Jamal got into a fistfight with 15 guys so they just had to dismember him


I like how their response is technically accurate.

Saudi Arabia has really turned a corner.

No need to reexamine our foreign policy. We’re done here.


Shame he had to fight fifteen of us, we might’ve just choked or kicked him to death otherwise.



Saudi Arabia on Sunday called the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its Istanbul consulate a “huge and grave mistake”, but sought to shield its powerful crown prince from the widening crisis, saying Mr. Bone Saw had not been aware.


Wew lad


Weekend At Bernie’s IV: Rock The Casbah


I think we could encourage further arms sales by really stoking this Saudi/Iran proxy war into a direct confrontation.

Think of all the jobs.


World War Two may have been the single greatest job creator in history.

Why haven’t we started World War Three?


I think bipartisan support for World War Three would really change this country. Probably for the better, but we won’t know until we’re willing to pull the trigger on a brighter future.


Nuclear fireball bright hell yeah


SA can barely beat up their defenceless neighbours civilians. Direct confrontation between Iran and SA would result in the American’s needing to invade yet another ME country to save an absolute monarchy. I am not sure there is anyway to sell that to the American public.