The Old Man and the Ree


idk dude iraq 1+2 had some good PR


Classic Monarchy Power Move


David Duke is always a treat


Cool country



Is there anything to do other than “lel get out the vote!” and donate money to the campaigns of centrist democrats in hopes that they’ll upset conservative republicans?

I mean, someone mails out a bunch of bombs and I know ~10% of my friends would argue that it was a false flag by ~antifa~ and another 40% would say that the media shouldn’t have attacked Trump to make Trump supporters so angry at Soros. Feels pretty hopeless: maybe time to become the accelerationist meme.






When I say that I am slightly on the right side of center. Thats in Iceland. I want mandatory tax for pensions so if a corp goes belly up, you still have your money, free healthcare, free market, no tariffs. Energy corps under state ownership. A strong safety net for the poor, cheap housing and such. I am light feminist to, every board should have atleast 50% women. Breaks up old boys club, less corruption.

In America I would be label as left lunatic commie fringe pinko.


Back in the old days if America did something like giving rights to people and laws about corps. Every country in the west and most countries in the world would copy what you guys were doing.

Now, we are scared wtf you guys are gonna do next.


Sometimes I think you are gonna knock yourself out with knee jerk reaction you always do.
We are talking, I am not judging. Friend. I listen to you and try to make things better. I smell like trash and smoke way to much. I am working to fix that. I need help, you are the only one that tries to. God knows you have pointed out every flaw I have.


I have a bold two-step process to fix what is wrong is this country.

  1. Be Gay.

  2. Do Crimes.


unironically this


Re-criminalize homosexuality?


I wanna be the John Dillinger of eating ass


So in case you have missed the news for the last 48 hours some idiot mailed like a dozen bombs to various Democrats and Robert DeNiro and successfully killed literally nobody. The right is shitting itself flopping between “FALSE FLAG” and “so what if the guy who did it gets all his news from InfoWars” and then you have these unironic shitlords claiming that it’s nobody’s fault lmao American politics is garbage


tucker carlson is a human mudflap


There’s also Megan McCain literally equivocating mail bombs with getting your meal interrupted by protesters

Like holy shit this dialogue


What’s the over/under on escalating violence?