The Old Man and the Ree


100% escalation unfortunately


tfw market correction


Isn’t all violence political?


Florida Man™ has a van.





Leaked photo of the MAGAbomber.


Florida Man, America’s Arch Nemesis.

How did I not see this coming?


Apparently this is his Twitter. And, um, wow.


definitely looks like the account of someone whose mental capacity could be used to create and mail bombs but not actually accomplish anything with them


It’s kind of generic.

The nut-job community has really hit a plateau.


also probably gonna jinx this but the dude mailed like 12 packages so far and NONE of them have gone off? jesus.


At this point I’m more worried about desperate politicians mailing themselves packages for relevance.


Bob Dole just received a package and is was filled with explosive Pepsi!

What sort of criminal mastermind SHOOK Bob Dole’s Soda?!?


I’m to lazy to scroll up far enough to see if I saw this here or elsewhere but


Yeah so in utterly non-shocking news the bomber (attempted bomber?) was a gaymer




oh hey look 11 jews got killed by a neonazi, predictions were right


one of them was a fucking holocaust survivor. imagine surviving that shit and going out by a neo nazi 70 years later.


“Both sides”