The Old Man and the Ree


I’m pretty upset about being right tbh


Neonazis are bad but South American Muslamics!


Good grief though even NPR and Rachel Maddow are bent over backwards issuing disclaimers like “before I get TOO critical of people who would support genocide and ethnic cleansing let’s remember that Ted Cruz can’t finish a meal without being glitterbombed and not always by his own children”



More gross equivocation

Not to change the subject but it looks like Trump did a RICO


It’s never RICO


I’m not sure I want him working a full day. Less is more.


I wonder how much more visibly toxic American politics will be in two years.




Yeah except you got It’sNeverRicoHat himself saying, "This might (might) actually be Rico.

Very thorough brief in any case.


This was the sort of bizarre comfort I took from reading Woodward’s book on Trump. The man’s incompetence and immaturity are so massive, it’s strangely reassuring. You can be quite sure there is no plan. Trump isn’t secretly plotting to subvert the nation. He isn’t capable of anything remotely close to that. He’s just a self-absorbed manbabby who just wants to see his name in big letters on the front of the Times.

That he also has the authority to launch nukes rather dampens that reassurance, of course.


I ended up in a brief convo this weekend over a post in which I pinned the Tree of Life shooting on Trump’s antisemitic ramblings.

This friend contended - with extensive reference to the many Jews in Trump’s life, including Roy Cohn, Michael Cohen and Jared Kutchner - that there is absolutely no way Trump can be an anti-semite.

He wasn’t totally wrong - I think it’s just absolutely indicative of Trump’s senility that he both leans heavily on his Jewish allies while employing dogwhistles constantly to motivate his base. He’s not an antisemite; he’s just fucking old.


Your friend is asserting that you cannot be an anti-semite and have a jewish son-in-law.

That is a bizarre position to hold, and makes me think your friend has never left their apartment.

I have absolutely met a LOT of people that say a racist thing, but then go and have a very pleasant lunch with someone of that race.


And I am Canadian, the only people we are vocally racist towards is natives and it is unlikely you are having lunch with one.



u wot




It’s pretty hilarious how theology still matters in a secular state. I want to cry just thinking about how the evangelical apocalypse folds into foreign policy. This is the greatest cosmic comedy ever written.


Tl;dr the “LA hipster cafe” guy, already internet famous for creating extremely unoriginal fake news, made an incredibly weak effort to recruit women close to Mueller to make up sexual harrassment/assault stories

It also appears that he registered a domain with his mom’s cell number lmbo


This sums it up