The Old Man and the Ree


it really is funny how we’re all pawns in an evangelical death cult when you think about it


Talk of nullifying a constitutional amendment with an executive order…

I don’t even know where to begin.


Let’s write a thousand fucking news articles about it.


Haven’t had the heart to look at my sample ballot yet. Just so excited for all the great and varied choices that will be available to me.


If you don’t vote staight libertarian you’re a cuck


Do people still say cuck


libertarians do


Yet another attack on American Traditions.


It seems Trump-supporting Republicans have gotten a bad rap lately for a string of high profile mass murders and attempted bombings, so armchair social critics have been digging into the rich history of left-on-right violence, including (checks notes) Nancy Sinatra liking tweets




What bothers me the most about these groups is they’re always more interested in stopping white genocide then starting it.


What military unit or police force specializes in Incel Terrorism?



our boy forgot to twist the knife


I woke up to a Lara Trump robocall.

I was ruffled until I realized how quaintly dystopian that was.


Lara Trump?


The one Don doesn’t want to fuck


Hey guys, make sure to bring your gun to the polls today in case you see a brown person trying to vote.


Voted against the straw ban. Voted green for any city office where they were running. Voted judges based on Chicago Bar Association recommendations. I’mDoingMyPart.gif