The Old Man and the Ree




Zulu smoking tech.


this is gold


I thought that was odd too, but the BBC said quit right after the announcement was made. Ten minutes later I guess someone put on their reading glasses.


Rip in piss Jeff Sessions, literally the only good thing you ever did was recusing yourself from a probe into your boss and even that was a coward move

Also the guy replacing him has already stated that the President should be immune to prosecution so I’m sure the next couple weeks will be extremely dumb


Debating going to the protest tomorrow.



Or that Saudi Monarchy butchered a dissenting Washington Post journalist in a consulate and the President of the United States defended it.



Thanks, I was looking for this shit for ages




I wonder if king salman is behind this one too



wtf would you be protesting anyways


The only true form of protest is posting


If the postings stops, the darkness will come. Civilization as we know it will end.


better quit posting right now!


I will fight you with my high tech.


never stop posting