The Old Man and the Ree


Holy fuck I knew the dems were spineless but holy FUCK


the capitol is possible the only wrong choice for that building


I was asking one of the Americans that work here, if he had any insight into why the Democrats were acting like they weren’t getting their shit pushed in. I mean no one here would think an opposition party was supposed to support the government. (It is literally their name here.)

You cannot pass a budget without 5 democrats agreeing so bend those fuckers over a barrel.

We would have implemented full gay space communism under the same circumstances.


Shots fired




So today Trump barged into a press conference with a no-name White House official to announce, among other things, that he’d be glad to be questioned under oath by Robert Mueller, which is almost the dumbest thing he could possibly do short of accidentally glassing the British isles.


Make me a sandwich in the year 2018



Sex Researcher Thinks Many ‘Cuck’-Obsessed Conservatives Harbor Private Cuckoldry Fantasies




This is some shit man



Oh christ


Holy shit!


behold the master race


Oh hey my mom had that cat clock


Maybe they’re at your mom’s house


They’re at somebody’s mom’s house, anyway. That gigantic key thing on the wall screams “antique show”